Monday, November 11, 2013

Malekith the Accursed - Cold Comfort - Grant McLaughlin

Malekith and Thor have been battling it out for a good while in the middle of a populated city, with both sides taking some serious lumps.  They're currently at what is normally one of the busier intersections, surrounded by abandoned vehicles and some curious onlookers who don't have the good sense to run.  Of course, this being comics, the two have also been bandying words back and forth about humanity and its worth.  Unfortunately, Thor has taken more damage, leaving Malekith with the upper hand.  He intends to take advantage of that both in their battle of force and of words.

1 - Thor swings Mjolnir hard at Malekith.  However, Malekith blocks the blow with one hand, resulting in the two being locked in close combat.  They both wear expressions of determination, their bodies battered and bruised from the fight.  A few onlookers are visible in the background.

MALEKITH: You coddle them, Asgardian.

2 - Malekith turns the tables, delivering a mighty blow to Thor that sends him flying through some of the abandoned cars and into the base of a building.

MALEKITH: Coming to their aid at the slightest of dangers.

3 - Malekith walks over calmly, while Thor attempts to rally.

MALEKITH: You believe this to be a kindness.

4 - Malekith has made his way over to Thor.  He has bent down and holds Thor by the front of his armour.  He raises his fist, ready to lower the boom on the prostrate god.

MALEKITH: But they have become reliant.  They refuse to help themselves, content to wait for their god to descend from the heavens to do it for them.

5 - Malekith throws a huge punch at Thor.  If he could knock teeth out, that's what he would be doing.  You could either really emphasize the violence here or leave it off-panel, implying the damage and leaving it to the reader's imagination.

MALEKITH (1): You have done them a great disservice.

MALEKITH (2): You have made them weak.  Soft.

6 - Malekith stands triumphant above Thor, the clear victor.  He reaches into his cloak / satchel for an unseen object.  He wears an expression of determination.  Thor reaches up weakly, vainly trying to stop him.

MALEKITH: This cannot stand.  And today, I will do what you never would.


7 - Malekith is now holding the Cask of Ancient Winters.  He is in the process of opening it.  A great wind of snow and cold begins to fly out from the artifact.  Malekith grins maliciously.

MALEKITH: I will make them strong.

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  1. Decent action build-up, but the ominous pay-off really sells it.


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