Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Malekith the Accursed - Entrapment - Simon McDonald

Panel One
Volstagg of the Warriors Three stands in front of Malekith's cell in the Asgard prison. Volstsagg is speaking boisterously, as he is prone to do, while Malekith is slumped against the rear wall. Grey particles drift inside the cell; specks of iron to deny his use of magic. Beyond Volstsagg and the cell we can see Thor approaching, Mjolnir in his hand, but held unthreateningly.
- - a mighty battle, Malekith, one of the best - -
Taunting the imprisoned, Volstsgg?
Panel Two
Volstagg is smiling broadly. There is not a hint of guilt on his face as he leans in closer to the cell, inspecting the prisoner.

Ach, Thor, when the battle has been won, a warrior requires some form of entertainment.
And surely Malekith, of anyone, deserves derision.
Panel Three
On Thor now, scowling. A very un-Thor like expression.
Panel Four
On Volstagg as his eyes bulge.
Panel Five
Pull back. "Thor" is shapeshifting into Malekith's form. "Mjolnir" is in fact a blade, now implanted in Volstagg's back, spread-eagled in front of the cell - now empty, the illusion evaporated.
Then it's only right that you are my first.


  1. Wow!!! Just...wow!!!
    In one page you nail Volstagg's character, and show all too well the insidiousness of Malekith. Panels 4 & 5 are chilling. This is pretty much a perfect page.


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