Saturday, November 16, 2013

Malekith the Accursed – Kill Count – Brian Manton

Lord of the Rings – the Battle of Helms Deep.
Malekith and Gimli stand amidst the carnage.
Gimli is burying his axe into the chest of a fallen Orc.
Malekith stands, arms folded, watching Gimli.

Malekith:  Let me show you how well I kill, Dwarf.

Gimli:  I’ll not have some pointy-ear outscoring me!

Row of panels bleeding to the edges of the page.
Each panel shows Gimli gleefully killing an orc in a different manner.

Repeated panels. Malekith stands still, with knowing smile.

A bloodspattered Gimli returns to Malekith, weary but proud.
Malekith is drawing his sword.

Gimli: Forty-three! How did you fare, big ears?

Malekith drives his sword through Gimli’s chest.
Gimli’s face shows as much shock as agony.

Gimli’s lifeless body slumps to the ground before Malekith.
An Orc chuckles in the background.

Malekith:  Just the one.

Malekith (linked): You win.


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