Thursday, November 14, 2013

Malekith the Accursed - Nyctophobia - J.D. Coughlan

Panel 1: Thor stands in a dark cave. The only illumination comes from Mjolnir, casting a blue glow, held aloft by Thor. His eyes search the darkness; wary but determined.

MALEKITH (TAILLESS): What do gods fear?

THOR: Not you, vile monster.

Panel 2: Thor has seen a shape at the limits of the light. It seems to be a person sitting on the ground. He steels himself.

MALEKITH (TL): I beg to differ, Thunderer.

MALEKITH (TL): Gods need control.

Panel 3: POV from in front of the figure, still in shadow, just an outline. Behind him we see Thor approaching cautiously.

MALEKITH (TL): Whether by might or by wisdom, with truth or with lies, a swift sword or a protective shield... gods seek to control the world.

Panel 4: Thor turns the figure around, revealing a skeleton looking back at him. He is startled but restrains his shock.

MALEKITH (TL): And you cannot control what you cannot see.

Panel 5: Same POV as Panel 3, with the figure facing Thor. The light from Mjolnir has started to noticeably dim. Thor looks at it, worried. Behind him, just barely illuminated, is Malekith.

MALEKITH: Gods fear the dark.

Panel 6: Same POV. Thor has turned at the voice, hammer raised. Malekith is gone. There is now barely enough light.

MALEKITH (TL): And I am the dark.


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