Saturday, November 2, 2013

The Shadow - versus the Light, in: Snowblind - R.A. Wonsowski


Panel 1 - Night, 1945.  An early prototype of the Gakona HAARP Field (under construction) in the snowy fields of arctic Alaska.  Army Watchtowers are also visible under the eerie glow of the aurora borealis.  Outside the chainlink fence, foreground, The SHADOW crouches over the near frozen corpse of NIKOLA TESLA, who has a gunshot wound to the stomach.  The SHADOW has already pulled one of his nickle-plated pistols.

CAPTION:  The General got he wanted from Tesla and threw him away like so much refuse.  Vengeance must be had...

OFF-PANEL:  But not by you!

Panel 2 - The SHADOW, shielding his eyes with his arm, is bathed in intense white light.  It's so bright, all color is washed out, everything is just outline.

OFF-PANEL:  Oh, yes...I can read your mind.  A side effect from my time in Roswell.

OFF-PANEL:  You short-sighted thug.  I could end the war tomorrow, with one well-placed blast from this nearly operational Lightning Field.  World peace achieved through Tesla's genius.

SHADOW:  ...General?

OFF-PANEL:  Yessss...

Panel 3 - same as Panel 2, but with a pov shift.  SHADOW is foreground, still shielding his eyes, still bathed in intense white light.  Levitating in the air via a crackling brassy, steampunk looking antigravity harness, floats the GENERAL.  He is fit for nearing 60, white crewcut hair, wearing his US Army dress uniform and a long, olive-green duster.  The duster is open, revealing a 1,000,000-candle arclight powered by Tesla-coils attached to the harness.  Everything looks makeshift, cobbled-together, but barely visible in the blinding wash of light.  He is holding handles and switches in his fists that control his apparati.

GENERAL:  Fight me!!!

CAPTION:  "I am the light of the world.  Whoever follows me will never walk in shadow."  John 8:12

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  1. You've created a great character to juxtapose the shadow here - very much a comic book archetype. I think the last panel might have been served better without the fight me line - leaving the weight on the quote.

    Great page Ray.


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