Thursday, November 7, 2013

V - Fireworks - J.D. Coughlan

A brief interlude set during the main story, after Evey has been "kidnapped" by V.

Panel 1: A shot of the night sky, colourful fireworks exploding.

EVEY (CAP): "The fireworks always seemed odd to me."

Panel 2: In V's kitchen. He stands at the cooker, half-turning at Evey's comment. She sits at the table eating breakfast.

V: Hm?

EVEY: I was just saying... I remember Guy Fawkes Night when I was a little girl, my dad telling me all about it, and I always wondered... why fireworks? Seemed cruel to celebrate a man's death like that.

Panel 3: V turns dramatically to face Evey, his mask's eyes almost lit up with glee.

V: Ah but, my dear, it was not his death we celebrated.

V: Yes, that may be the reason the powers-that-be perpetuated the ritual -- to remind those under them that rebellion is futile...

Panel 4: V takes a seat opposite Evey. She stares engrossed at him. His body language is theatrical.

V: But the night became instead a memorial to a man who tried.

V: A man who had the courage to say "no" to those that would not listen, and, in response to their ignorance, take the path of action rather than acceptance. A man who, but for the merest slip of bad luck, would have changed the world with nothing more than a match. A man who was willing to die for that change.

Panel 5: Close up of V. Those eyes almost twinkle now.

V: Is the life of such a man not worth fireworks?


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  1. A very nice turn on the historical context. The 4th panel is a little - Verbose? - maybe split to another panel - but on the whole, this is solid. The 5th (Vth?) panel sells the whole thing, and I really like the exterior shot opening transitioning into breakfast (I don't know why, but the "V making breakfast" scene is one of my favourites in the film).

    Anywho, nice page, JD.


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