Monday, November 4, 2013

V - Five - Ben Rosenthal

1.  A city street during a rainy night.  People hurry about their business, trying to not get wet.  Along the walls are worn posters, some of which show the Guy Fawkes mask originally worn by V.

The message has been watered down.  Diluted.

2.  On the same street is a souvenir stand.  It is selling shirts with V's mask on it, looking much like a Che top but white.

What was once a crusade is now a logo on a shirt purchased by kids who are ignored by their parents.

I blame my predecessors.  They lost the way.

3.  A tall cloaked figure is standing on a roof top, looking down.  He looks like the original V, but is smaller - younger somehow.

I am the fifth V.  The true V.

4.  A close up of a battle damaged mask.  It is old and worn.

I am reclaiming my face.


  1., and a little spooky too. I like the idea of a 5th V, that it's a legacy passed down. I also like that you throw in a little commentary about today with a very subtle touch. Nice page, Ben...

  2. Sadly, this is probably what would happen, in time, to someone like V in real life. Some heavy, thought-provoking realism there, with the promise of something cathartic to come.


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