Monday, November 4, 2013

V - Vainglory - Grant McLaughlin

1 – Close-up of a roaring fire. It is bright, it is warm, it is dangerous.

CAPTION: “In anarchy, there is another way.”

MARIE (off-panel, tailless balloon): Richard.

2 – Pull back to our actual scene. London. Some night after V's viking funeral. The exact amount of time is up to you. A small group of people (half a dozen or so, let's say) huddle around some fire barrels for warmth. The fire lights their immediate surroundings, but there is a lot of darkness beyond that. They aren't necessarily a family, but a group of closely associated friends / acquaintances. They're all new characters. Among them is Marie and Richard. Marie looks away from the fire in a worried fashion. Richards puts a reassuring hand on Marie's shoulder.

CAPTION: “With anarchy, from rubble comes new life.”

MARIE: Richard, he's back.

RICHARD: Marie, you need to be more trusting.

3 – Richard turns and looks towards the shadows. He puts a hand to his mouth to project better. A figure is semi-visible in the darkness.

CAPTION: “Hope reinstated.”

RICHARD: Hullo there! It must be awfully cold in the shadows! Why don't you join us by the fire?

4 – The figure comes into the light. He looks a little worse for wear, a little sketchy, but he wears a smile.

CAPTION: “You must choose what comes next.”

FIGURE: That's awfully kind of you.

5 – More figures come out of the shadow to stand behind our initial figure. His smile is now more of a wicked grin, reaching into his jacket for something. The additional arrivals don't look any friendlier, striking different intimidating poses.

CAPTION: “Lives of our own, or a return to chains.”

FIGURE: But sharing's not what we had in mind.

6 – Move the perspective to a shot from behind the group of ne'er-do-wells, something around waist height. We're close in, focusing on the knife the initial figure pulled out of his jacket. In the background, we can see Richard and Marie holding each other in fear.

CAPTION: “Choose carefully.”

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  1. Very much setting up a longer story, I gather. It would seem that we are still in the Land of Do-As-You-Please. You set up a scary situation to be sure. I'd love to see where V would come into it all...


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