Wednesday, November 6, 2013

V – VvVvV – MK Stangeland Jr.


(6 Panels)

PANEL 1: AGENT V holds up a Neuralyzer and points it at V.

AGENT V: My apologies. If you’d just look here, I’ll be out of your way in just a moment.

PANEL 2: V throws a dagger that goes straight through AGENT V’s Neuralyzer and knocks it out of his hand.

AGENT V: $#*^!

PANEL 3: V charges at AGENT V and slams him against a wall; the end result is that V pins AGENT V against the wall with a blade against V’s neck.

V (1): How very vexing.

V (2): If you wish your life to not be void, it would be verily suggested to vanquish the mystery as to what venue you originate from.

PANEL 4: AGENT V keeps his clam as he looks at V.

AGENT V (1): Seems the rumors were true. A masked man running around London stabbing people.

AGENT V (2): Release me and maybe we can talk.

PANEL 5: V decides to chance it, stepping away but keeping his knife pointed in AGENT V’s direction.

AGENT V (1): That’s better.

V: Start talking.

PANEL 6: AGENT V composes himself as he tells V more than he knows he probably should.

AGENT V (1): I’ll cut to the short version.

AGENT V (2): I’m part of a secret unaligned organization tasked with monitoring and handling extraterrestrial life living here on Earth.

AGENT V (3): The folks who currently run the UK? For years they’ve been working with a nasty group of aliens called ‘The Visitors’ which have managed to thwart us at every turn.

AGENT V (4): I’m here on recon because we think they’re getting ready to reveal themselves, which would blow a lid on our entire operation and ruin everything we’ve worked towards for decades.


(Yes, I did write this page simply as an excuse to throw together a bunch of ‘V’s.)


  1. This actually works out surprisingly well for a crossover idea. Still gimmicky, sure, but it could turn out not bad. Also, Men in Black was originally a comic book too.

    1. I'm well aware that MiB started as a comic book, but I'm also aware that I'd probably be a lot happier trying to write anyone from that franchise as being closer to the film versions than the comic version (Because apparently the comic book versions of the MIB are a bunch of evil jerks).

  2. - good novel, though a bit of a slog at points..."Kilroy was here" originated from the book...why do I feel like I'm carbon dating myself again?...


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