Sunday, November 24, 2013

Why Boomerang?

Until The Superior Foes of Spider-Man - an awesome new Marvel series you should be reading if you like good, fun comics - the only Boomerang I knew from comics was a Captain and a member of the Flash's rogues gallery from the Distinguished Competition.
But 5 issues into Superior Foes, I absolutely adore him. Frank Myers has no super-powers - he's an average guy who has honed his natural abilities thanks to an early baseball career, which eventually spiralled into the world of super-villainy. 
The Superior Foes of Spider-Man paints Boomerang as the aspirational (but incompetent) leader of the Sinister Six. He wants to be a major player, but sheer ineptitude has, so far, limited his opportunity to fulfil that dream.
Who knows what awaits Boomerang in the hands of our Thoughtballoons tenures - or you, dear reader and comics scripter, who we welcome with open arms to submit a script below.


  1. BOOMERANG: Bad Timing
    by Arby Moay

    Panel 1
    Close-up on a very suspicious looking man. He is wearing a duster and a fedora. His entire feature (except eyes) are shaded so we don't recognize who he is. We are inside a bank. The suspicious man is waiting in line to make a transaction. We should be able to see the entrance door from here.

    CAPTION (FRED): This is what I call bad timing...

    Panel 2
    Close-up on BOOMERANG's foot as he kicks open the entrance door to the bank.

    Panel 3
    The suspicious man throws the fedora and the duster to the ground, revealing himself to be THE TRAPSTER! In the mean time, BOOMERANG enters the bank, holding an empty money bag on one hand and a boomerang on the other. Both men are shouting.


    CAPTION (FRED): Lesson learned kids...

    Panel 4
    Half-body shot of BOOMERANG. He looks annoyed.

    BOOMERANG: What the fuck, Pete?
    BOOMERANG: Get out of here! I'm robbing this place!

    CAPTION (FRED): Don't

    Panel 5
    Half-body shot of TRAPSTER. He looks defensive.

    TRAPSTER: Hey! I was here first!

    CAPTION (FRED): rob

    Panel 6
    Same as 4. BOOMERANG looks pissed now.

    BOOMERANG: I've been stakin' this place for a week!

    CAPTION (FRED): a bank

    Panel 7
    Same as 5. TRAPSTER looks similarly pissed.

    TRAPSTER: Bullshit! You're lying!
    BOOMERANG: I'm not lying!

    CAPTION (FRED): at the same

    Panel 8
    BOOMERANG points at one of the clerks sitting behind her desk. She looks scared and confused, but more on confused.

    BOOMERANG: You! Do you have security cameras watching outside?
    CLERK: Uhm... N-no.

    CAPTION (FRED): time.

    Panel 9
    Half-body shot of BOOMERANG. Facepalm (SFX: FACEPALM!).

    CAPTION (FRED): Damnit.

    TRAPSTER: Rock, paper, sciss--?
    BOOMERANG: Rock, paper, scissors.

    1. I'm surprised this kind of thing doesn't happen more often :^b


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