Sunday, November 17, 2013

Why Doc Unknown?

Doc Unknown is that rare breed of comic that captures the feeling I had when I first started reading comics, that childlike excitement, the endless possibilities, the awesome action it makes me feel five again. But at the same time Doc Unknown feels fresh and full of velocity, jumping between locations with the fast cuts only the best movies can even pull off. The pulp fu genre mash up lets the series play with all the conventions of both but it comes out as so much more. This is comics synergy at it’s best.

You know what head over to ComiXology right now and grab the first issue, for less than a dollar. That’s a steal. Experience this for yourself. Let Fabian Rangel’s fantastic story and Ryan Cody’s staggeringly beautiful illustrations bring Gate City to life for you too.

Every second I spend in Gate City makes me want to make comics so I’ll see you back here in the comments section with your own scripts, as I know once you’ve been to The City you’ll have your own tales to tell. 

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