Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Bandette – It’s What She Does – MK Stangeland Jr.

(7 Panels)

Panel 1: Three guys are in a comic book store – TYLER, BRIAN, and JEFF. They stand on two sides of a table holding Longboxes, with JEFF on one side and TYLER and BRIAN on the other. JEFF looks disheartened.

JEFF: Did you hear about the Eisner Awards?

TYLER: What about ‘em?

Panel 2: JEFF holds up a comic book with the title “THE GREATEST COMIC EVER (IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD)”. The cover art looks like it would belong on the kind of comic book that wins a lot of awards.

JEFF (1): The greatest comic book ever, and it lost.

BRIAN: Just because it calls itself the greatest ever doesn’t mean it is.

TYLER: Yeah, I’m not much a fan of whoever’s ego wrote that thing.

JEFF (2): Have you read this? It’s better than Watchmen!

Panel 3: The discussion between JEFF, BRIAN, and TYLER is getting more heated.

TYLER (1): Impossible. Nothing beats Watchmen.

BRIAN: Meh, Watchmen is overrated. Plenty of things beat Watchmen.

TYLER (2): Lies.

Panel 4: JEFF looks through a section of the longbox as he looks for a copy of a certain title.

JEFF (1): Whatever. My point is that this book got robbed!

JEFF (2): It got robbed hard!

BRIAN: Why? What beat it?

JEFF (3): Uh…let me see if there’s any copies of it here…Ah!

Panel 5: JEFF holds up a printed copy of a BANDETTE comic, with BANDETTE on the cover. Strangely, the BANDETTE on the cover of this issue appears to be holding what looks like a miniature version of the EISNER AWARDS logo.

JEFF (1): This. This “Bandette” thing.

JEFF (2): This is what beat out the greatest comic the world has or will ever know.

Panel 6: Close up on the image of BANDETTE from the cover. It looks like she’s looking directly at whoever’s looking at the comic cover and winking, as to suggesti that the character herself literally stole the award in the most literal sense possible.

Panel 7: TYLER looks at the comic with a confused look, not quite sure what just happened. BRIAN looks at TYLER as he points at the comic.

BRIAN (1): Did you see that?

BRIAN (2): Did that seem weird to you?



  1. Well played, sir. Fun script with just the right meta touch...

  2. Haha. Very cute, MK. As Ray says, a nice little does of meta here that makes the page.


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