Saturday, December 21, 2013

Bandette - Mischief - Brian Manton

French streets.

Bandette running left to right, toward a corner. She carries a map bag. Ref -

Around the corner, running right to left, we see Amelie  -

She carries a red bag, ref

The two reach the corner at the same time and crash into each other. Their bags fly from their shoulders with the impact.

The two sit on the ground. Little red birds fly around Bandette's head, little blue ones around Amelie's. One red and one blue bird have a cheerful conversation in the foreground.

From Amelie's bag has fallen a photo album full of reconstituted torn-up photobooth pictures - all of different people. One photo of a garden gnome in front of the Eiffel Tower pokes out from another page.

From Bandette's bag has fallen some documents in manilla folders marked "TOP SECRET"

Bandette looking down at the photo album.

Amelie eyeing the "TOP SECRET" papers.

Tight cropped shot, forehead to chin. Both look at eachother and smirk.

Both run off in opposite directions - Amelie with Bandette's bag and vice versa.


  1. Wow. You just wrote my ideal cameo. Audrey Toutou just charmed the heck outta me when I first saw the movie. Perfect fit for Bandette. Cool...

  2. Although I've never seen Amelie (I know, I know), this is one heck of a sweet little script nonetheless. Some excellent details throughout (particularly the conversation between the birds) that make for a quick, cute story.


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