Monday, December 16, 2013

Bandette - She is the Night - Ben Rosenthal

1.  The inspector is sitting at his desk.  It is dimly lit.  He has a cigarette in his hand, his hair frazzled.  HE is looking very grim.

It's not the same any more.  They city has been plunged into darkness.  Filth walks the streets

BANDETTE (off panel)
Do not worry, Inspector.

2.  Reveal of Bandette - she is in a new costume which looks decisively noir-ish.  This is a darker Bandette who means business.

I will bring the light back to our city.  I will clean up this town!

3. In the street Bandette is giving orders to two obvious criminals.  One is screwing in a new light bulb into a street light while another sweeps up rubbish in the street.

Only twenty nine more streets to go, hoodlums.


  1. Haha. I love the double swerve you have here, Ben. Just enough space to make the reader think you're taking the character in a new, darker direction, and then you pull the carpet out from them a second time and reveal that things are as lighthearted as ever. Really enjoyed it.

  2. For a 3 panel script, you really pack in the fun with a capital FUN. Well done.


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