Friday, December 20, 2013

Bandette - ...too soon? - R.A. Wonsowski

Panel 1 - BANDETTE running around the corner, (l to r) jauntily evading the local gendarmerie, the Mona Lisa under her arm.  Eiffel Tower stands in the background.


Panel 2 - BANDETTE skidding (l to r) to a smiling stop on her heels behind a high brick wall. The gendarmes cannot see her over the wall

SoundFX - skiddd!!

GENDARMES - (behind wall) STOP!! THIEF!!!

Panel 3  - BANDETTE looks to the right side of the panel. Something has caught her attention...

OFF PANEL (right) - STOP!! THIEF!!!

Panel 4 - BANDETTE looks on surprised as SHIA LaBOEUF (r to l) enters from the right side of the panel.

OFF PANEL (right) - STOP!! THIEF!!!

Panel 5 - BANDETTE sticks out her leg, tripping SHIA.

SoundFX - trip!

OFF PANEL (right) - STOP!! THIEF!!!

Panel 6 - DANIEL CLOWES is beating the ever-loving $#!t out of SHIA, blood and hair flying everywhere.  BANDETTE stands over the two, yelling haughtily at SHIA.  The GENDARMES look over the wall perplexed at the scene.  The AMERICAN ZOMBIE peeks in fromthe lower right hand corner, winking at the reader, giving a thumbs up.

BANDETTE - ...and that is for being such an unlikable protagonist in Transformers!

AZ - Hey, kids!  Give a hoot - Don't plagiarize!

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  1. Aha! Some excellent satire that you fit nicely into Bandette's own little world. Well done.


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