Thursday, December 19, 2013

Bandette - The Unveiling - JD Coughlan

Panel 1: Full-page splash. An unveiling at a very expensive art gallery. Except, instead of their priceless artwork, there is a portrait of Bandette half out of a window with the actual painting under her arm. She is winking at the viewer. This is the main focus of the page, with gasping patrons looking on, one of whom still holds the curtain that was over the painting. Inspector BD Bélgique stands in the foreground, raising his fist and shouting at the sky.




  1. I smiled so wide the first time I read this, and every time I go over it, the simplicity and pure fun of the splash, the sheer CHARM...I smile even wider. Great splash, JD.

  2. Love it. You do an excellent job of channeling the comic's carefree attitude in a single splash, making for a real fun time. Kudos.


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