Sunday, December 15, 2013

Bandette - The Usual - Grant McLaughlin

Bandette should be smiling and jubilant throughout these different moments.. As ever, she is having a good time and won't let anything get in her way of doing so.

1 – Bandette is racing across a rooftop, pursued by a pair of men with pistols. They are firing their weapons, but of course, their bullets will not find their mark.

BANDETTE: I must say, you are both being quite rude!

2 - BD Bélgique is outside reading a newspaper. His nose is buried pretty deeply in the words, so he fails to notice Bandette sneaking up behind him and purloining his box of cigarettes. If it would be feasible, Bandette should be seen crushing them a bit in her hand to really make it clear she's going to simply get rid of them for BD.

BANDETTE (whispering): Worry not, inspector, I shall help to liberate you from this most horrible vice.

3 – Bandette, in a museum, approaches some small paintings, ready to remove them from their hangings. A security guard walks by in the background, unaware of what is transpiring.

BANDETTE: Be merry, my little artworks, for soon you will have a new home with Bandette, away from this dank, dark museum.

4 – Bandette traipses away from a conversation with Monsieur in a whimsical manner befitting her. She is as lively as ever. Monsieur may not look quite as impressed.

BANDETTE: I do not think I should be blamed if you fail to appreciate my genius.

5 - Bandette sits at a café, munching away at a chocolate croissant. She's as happy as a clam.

BANDETTE: Delightful!

6 - Bandette is sitting in an open dumpster, covered in garbage. She's probably removing some piece of detritus from her head (perhaps a banana peel?). That being said, she's probably still at least somewhat smiley about the whole thing – it is an adventure after all.

BANDETTE: Well, that certainly could have gone worse.

7 - Bandette prepares to jump from a window. Some unhappy thugs are advancing her way.

BANDETTE (1): Clearly you have overstayed my welcome.

BANDETTE (2): No matter, I will forgive you.

8 – Bandette walks down the spiral steps leading into one of her many hideouts. Pimento, her small dog, greets her at the bottom of the steps.


BANDETTE: Oh, Pimento!

9 – Bandette has picked up Pimento and is nuzzling him lovingly. Pimento returns the gesture in a doggy manner.

BANDETTE: I cannot wait to discover what excitement awaits me this afternoon!


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