Sunday, December 8, 2013

Bob’s Burgers – Cinéma Vérité – Brian Manton

Panels 1-4 are the screen  from the viewfinder of a video camera. The REC light shows in the corner.

The camera looks up at Teddy who holds a burger and looks down into the lens. Louise pokes her head into shot.

Teddy: Whatcha got there, Gene?

Gene (OP):  I’m a documentarian.

Louise:  He’s documenting our home environment for social services.

Bob is just starting to wipe out the Burger of the Day sign which reads “This is Spinach Tap” Burger – with spinach
Louise’s hand juts into the bottom-left corner of the frame.

Gene (OP):  Uh uh. I’m capturing real life. Truth. Beauty.

Louise:  Then why are you pointing the camera at Dad?

Zoom in on Bob’s bald patch.

Gene (OP): Man’s noble but futile struggle against the unimpeded onslaught of time.

Linda has grabbed the side of the camera turning it toward her. With her other arm she pulls Tina close.

Linda (sings): Whyyy don’t you make it a muuuusicaaaal.

Linda (linked): Sing it with me Tina.

Tina: Nnnnnnnnn.

Wide of the restaurant.

Linda sings loudly. Tina hesitantly sings with her.
Teddy sits at the counter, looking towards Linda and joins in on the song, losing a little bit of burger as he sings.

Louise rocks on the ground, blocking her ears, her eyes shut tight.

Bob stands behind the counter, face-palming. We can see the Burger of the Day sign now reads “Triumph of the Dill”.

Gene, totally deflated, looks at the ground. He holds the camera slackly by his side.

Linda (singing): Laalaa la laa LAAAAA!

Tina (small): la

Teddy (sings):  Laalalaaa.

Louise: Stop it! Stop it!

Bob: All of you stop.

Gene: I give up. You’ve ruined it now. I’ll probably end up in Hollywood.


  1. HA!!!
    There is so much to like about the script, but what strikes me the most is the natural timing and rhythm of the dialogue. Every bit just flows into each other seamlessly. Well done page, Mister Manton...

  2. I'm not familiar with Bob's Burgers at all, but this is a very funny page, and you get across each character well too.


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