Thursday, December 12, 2013

Bobs Burgers – Fry Hard: A Christmas Special – Shaun Richens.


Int. BOB'S BURGER SHOP. We can see the small figure of LOUISE BELCHER standing, her back to us, on a step ladder behind the counter. She wears her usual outfit the only difference being the ears on her pink hat hang down low pulled by the weight of christmas baubles she has attached to the end of each ear.

Louise is hanging a large sheet of paper over the burger menu.

Aw yeah. Christmas is here.

Louise what are you going up there?

Louise now faces towards us and bob (still off panel.) Her hands behind her back trying to look as innocent as possible. Her body covers up whatever the sign she has hung up says.

I'm just putting up the sign for the new christmas burger.

Cut to BOB. He is in his normal get up, greasy apron and all, he does however have a limp and slightly sad looking red santa hat on his head. He stands with his hands on his hips trying to give off an authoritative father vibe, but failing.

I told you I'd come up with the new christmas menu.

But Bob, this is guna be the best burger we’ve ever done!

Cut to reveal of the sign. It is written in bright red and green bubble writing and has a crude picture of a huge burger on it. The burger is overflowing with fries that have been stuffed in on top of the burger itself.

The sign reads:

Merry Christmas One and All!

Try our new
Fry Hard” Burger.
An all in one action packed meal.

Yippee Ki-ya

The last line of the sign is cut off by the bottom of the panel, the top of a T, F and K can be seen peeking up in the same bubble writing but thats it.

Bob, red faced stands in front the sign trying to cover up as much of it with his flailing arms as he can. Louise, still standing on the step ladder, looks straight at her dad, her arms folded across her chest. She looks real mad.

We have to get this thing down right away. We can't let the customers see this.

But it's from my favourite Christmas film.

Where's your sense of Christmas spirit dad?

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