Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Bob’s Burgers – This #&$@*% Restaurant! – MK Stangeland Jr.

(6 Panels)

PANEL 1: GORDON RAMSEY stands in the doorway leading to the kitchen of BOB’S BURGERS. He has a look of solid disgust on his face as BOB stands behind him with an ignorant look of happy anticipation.

PANEL 2: RAMSEY turns around to face BOB.

RAMSEY (1): What the &^#% am I supposed to be looking at?

BOB: It’s the kitchen.

RAMSEY (2): No, this #$*% place is a %*&$# waste of space!

PANEL 3: BOB has a blank look of shock as RAMSEY berates BOB over his restaurant.

RAMSEY (1): To call this place a 0-bit greasy &%#*$ spoon would be an insult to 0-bit greasy spoons!

RAMSEY (2): I have never seen a worse %*^@$ restaurant in all my *%@&# life! And do you have any idea how many &%#@^ restaurants I’ve seen in all my life?

BOB: A lot of them?

RAMSEY (3): A lot ^%*$# more than a lot of them!

PANEL 4: BOB picks up a burger from nearby. RAMSEY is not impressed.

BOB (1): You haven’t even tasted the food yet.

RAMSEY (1): I can *%^&$ taste it from here.

RAMSEY (2): You know what it tastes like? It tastes like $#*^!

BOB (2): You must have really powerful tastebuds if you can taste food without eating it.

PANEL 5: We see the “Burger of the Day” sign as RAMSEY points out over his shoulder from the kitchen. The sign reads “Waffilling Station” Burger – Burger served on a Waffle bun.

RAMSEY: I would’t even have to $#&%* taste it, not when this place thinks that using the worst %&#@ puns as a %$&# sales gimmick is a good idea!

PANEL 6: The three Belcher kids – TINA, GENE, and LOUISE – are watching the scene from behind a counter.

TINA: Wow, he’s even more vicious in real life.

LOUISE: I like his energy and take-no-nonsense attitude!



  1. Great page MK. You really captured the charaters' voices - especially Bob's deadpan delivery.

  2. Bob and Gordon Ramsey actually make a pretty good comedy double act here.


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