Monday, December 23, 2013

Krampus - Double Standard - Ben Rosenthal

1.  A father sits on his child's bed on X-Mas eve.  He is putting his little girl to sleep.

Daddy.  I'm scared.

Scared of what honey?

That the Krampus is going to come and get me.

2.  The father is smiling.  He is amused at her youthful gullibility.

Remember darling the Krampus only takes away little girls who have been naughty.
Have you been naughty?

I don't think so.

Well there you go.   Now you just have to make sure you keep on being good and the Krampus will leave you alone.

3.  The father is up and is walking out the door, turning off the light to the little girl's room.  The corridor in front of him is dark.

Good night darling.

Goodnight Daddy.

4.  The father is in  his dark room.  He looks around cautiously as he readies himself for bed.  He thinks he can hear something.

Is someone there?

VOICE (off panel)
Lying to your daughter?

5.  The man is petrified.  Behind him we see two large eyes, two large horns and a row of teeth glistening in the moonlight, emerging from the shadows of the room.

That's naughty.

1 comment:

  1. Alright, that was a damn cool Twilight Zone style twist at the end, very dark with a great reveal at the end. Well done, Ben.


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