Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Krampus – A Merrily Busted Christmas – MK Stangeland Jr.

(6 Panels)

PANEL 1: Scene is night, inside a child’s room in a European home somewhere near Germany. The KRAMPUS stands over the bed, with what looks vaguely like a child underneath a number of blankets.

PANEL 2: KRAMPUS pulls back the sheets to reveal that the person in the bed isn’t a child at all – it is instead DR. PETER VENKMAN, who has his proton pack armed and aimed up at KRAMPUS.


VENKMAN: Happy Holidays!

PANEL 3: KRAMPUS makes a sloppy retreat as he tries to get away from VENKMAN, who is firing his proton pack.

VENKMAN (1): Hey, where you going?

VENKMAN (2): I’ve been a bad boy this year!

PANEL 4: KRAMPUS stops short of the rooms main window as DR. RAY STANTZ comes out of hiding and shoots his proton pack across the window.

STANTZ: Egon, that’s your cue!

PANEL 5: DR. EGON SPENGLER bursts into the room through the main door. He’s wielding a Wave Radio-Plasmic Tracking gun (a “Wrapped Gun”), which he shoots at KRAMPUS.

SFX: Wong!

EGON: On it!

PANEL 6: The blast from the Wrapped Gun hits the KRAMPUS to tag him as he makes his way out through the rooms secondary window.

EGON: Got him!


[And a Merry Christmas to you, wherever you may be!]


  1. Spectacular! I could really hear Bill Murray's voice in this.

  2. Talk about synchronicity, I just got my kids into Ghostbusters this Christmas...I missed Zeddmore, though (he's my favourite).
    Awesome fun all around, MK...

    1. I would have liked to include Zeddmore in some fashion too, but with the limits of the one-page format and how I wanted to focus this script, I wasn't able to include him.

      Be assured, though, that the intent is that he is in fact with the team, just not inside the house during this page, and if there were additional pages I would have had him outside keeping watch for the Krampus' approach and/or letting the other three know that their tracking gear was letting the team know where the Krampus was headed after the fact.


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