Saturday, December 28, 2013

Krampus - Merry Krampusnacht - Brian Manton

Liam Cartwright (36) walks down the street. He looks in need of a wash and a sleep and a friend. He carries a light plastic carrier bag which holds a six pack of beer.

It's Christmas time, evening, just getting dark. There are Christmas shoppers on the streets in groups of twos and threes.

CAP (Liam):  Christmas.

Liam walks down a different street, lined with pubs instead of shops.

A couple kiss in the background - the girl holding her kebab to the side, trying not to spill it.

Three teenagers kick at a bouncer on the ground.

Liam doesn't make eye contact with anyone, keeping his haze on the path ahead of him.

CAP (Liam):  The season of good will.

Liam sits in a small kitchen. The six pack is on the table and Liam holds one of the cans. There are a dozen scattered empty cans on the counter behind him.

CAP (Liam):  and the demons of Christmas past come back to haunt you.

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