Thursday, December 26, 2013

Krampus Strikes Back - J.D. Coughlan

Panel 1: Wide shot. Krampus and Santa stand upon a cliff edge in the North Pole. They are sword-fighting with candy canes, locked together, intensely staring each other down. Santa's back is to the edge.

SANTA: You can't win, Krampus! Strike me down and I shall become more jolly than you can possibly imagine!

KRAMPUS: I don't need to strike you down!

Panel 2: Close-up of Krampus slicing off Santa's hand with his candy cane.



Panel 3: Santa kneels, clutching his hand, by the cliff edge, his candy cane discarded. Krampus stands over him, hand extended, candy cane pointing down.

KRAMPUS: There is no escape. Join me! With our combined power, we could rule Christmas!

SANTA: I'll never join you!

Panel 4: Close up on Krampus, gloating.

KRAMPUS: If only you knew the power of the Naughty Side. If only you knew what happened to your father...

Panel 5: Close up of Santa, in pain.

SANTA: You killed him!

KRAMPUS (O.P.): No, Santa...

Panel 6: Medium shot of both. Krampus clenches his fist, grinning. Santa looks utterly defeated.



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