Monday, December 30, 2013

Skinner Sweet - Cold Shoulder - Grant McLaughlin

1 – A big, wild blizzard. A real white out. Snow's flying everywhere, but there doesn't appear to be anything to see.


2 – The arctic winds continue unabated. But in the distance, a haggard figure walks towards us. His clothing is ripped to shreds and he seems to be bleeding heavily.


3 – The figure is nearer to us. Near enough to see that it is Skinner Sweet. While he's in a mighty bad way, he looks upwards towards something off panel with an expression that is a mixture between pleasure and relief.


4 – Skinner has passed our point and is now walking away, near the distance with a small red trail behind him. Towards the side of the panel, the legs of a large sign are visible (although not the sign itself).


5 – Pull back a bit more, we can finally see the sign itself. It reads: “You are now leaving Canada. See you again soon!”. Skinner Sweet is gone from view and the blustering snow has erased any evidence of his being there.

SKINNER SWEET (tailless): Not if I can help it.

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