Sunday, December 29, 2013

Skinner Sweet - The Scorpion - J.D. Coughlan

Sometime in the 1920s -- before Skinner Sweet meets Pearl Jones -- Sweet hitches a lift from a pilot named Fawkes in an old, enclosed cockpit bi-plane. Fawkes is driving Sweet insane with his small-talk.

Panel 1: Two-shot of the cockpit. Fawkes is flying, Sweet stares out the side with a murderous look in his eyes. Fawkes smiles obliviously. He is the stereotypical, middle-aged, upper-class British WW1-era pilot; moustache, white scarf, etc.

FAWKES: It was during the big war that I learned how to fly, of course, but I think it'll be a skill required more and more in this day and age. There may even come a time when every home has an aeroplane in the garage!

Panel 2: Same shot. Sweet now has his head in his hands.

FAWKES: ...after Barbara died, I moved out here to California. Yes, my boy, you Yanks certainly know how to live. I know you all get a bit of a bum reputation, but I think that's just jealousy, quite frankly.

Panel 3: Same shot, Sweet has now looked up with a wicked grin.

SWEET: I think you're on to something there, actually.

SWEET: Most of my dealings with Yoo-row-pee-ans... well, let's just say American values came out on top.

FAWKES: There you are, see? Although I suppose you can say you've met one nice Brit now. Why, without me, you wouldn't be in the air at all! Better hope nothing happens to me, eh?

Panel 4: Same shot. Sweet's claws are growing and his fangs are on display. Fawkes remains oblivious.

SWEET: Yeah, about that...

SWEET: Ever hear the tale of the scorpion and the fox?


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  1. I'm actually re-reading American Vampire right now, and there is a story set before the first issue, where Skinner hitches a lift in a plane to California. It's a different type of plane and the pilot has another name, but I guess this is my alternative version.


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