Saturday, December 7, 2013

TARDIS - 8 1/2 - R.A. Wonsowski

The page should be white without panel borders; panels should almost be implied, with maybe a blur focus at the edges to make the divisions more obvious...Caption boxes should be in blue boxes with white lettering.

1 - From a distance, we see the 8TH DOCTOR floating cruciform, upside-down and askew, in the nothing; he is battered, bloodied, and most definitely "dead".  There is a Kirby-esque spear through his torso and his sonic screwdriver is nailed into the center of his forehead.

CAPTION:  I have watched you wage your private war forever.

2 - Close-up on the 8TH DOCTOR's face.  His eyes are rolled up and the bloody sonic screwdriver is flickering out.

CAPTION:  I have watched you bleed and die for a Creation that does not acknowledge your presence or thank you.

3 - Same as 2, but pull out a touch, as the TARDIS warps in the background.

CAPTION:  I have found you, and lost you, and found you again.

4 - Pull out a touch, as we see the impaled 8TH DOCTOR waver and shine as the regeneration begins, the TARDIS closer now.

CAPTION:  And I have sheltered your broken body and mind as you are born again.

5 - Close back in on the head and torso, the TARDIS closer now.  The DOCTOR has regenerated, the spear now gone, revealing the clean and unhurt 9TH incarnation.

CAPTION:  Because your war continues.  Because you are needed.

6 - Close-up on the 9TH DOCTOR's face, framed by the open door of the TARDIS, now right behind him. The DOCTOR's eyes are slammed wide open.

CAPTION:  Because I love you.


  1. Touching, a little heart breaking and full of wonder. Everything Doctor Who should be. Wonderful looking and the bond between Who and The Tardis as well. Wonderful piece of writing.

  2. Interesting, intense look at the relationship between the Doctor and the TARDIS. Perhaps a tad too intense for the TV show, but I understand a lot of the 8th Doctor novels went with this sort of tone.

    It also plugs the 8/9 regeneration gap... At least, it would, if this hadn't already been released:

    Your page is still awesome though.

    1. Thanks. Because of you, I now have a subscription to Netflix to catch up...Lots of viewing to do now...


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