Sunday, December 1, 2013

The TARDIS - It's What Is On The Inside...- Ben Rosenthal

1.  A girl in her mid-twenties is walking around a small second hand book shop.  She isn't really interested in anything.

VOICE (off panel)
Can I help you, miss?

2.  A man in his mid fifties is standing next to the girl now.  We assume he is the chop keeper.  He is dressed in a coat, vest and a bow tie.  He is talking to the girl with a compassionate look on his face.

No thanks.  I'n just waiting for my boyfriend.

Ah.  And this is why you look so bored?

Heh,  kinda.

3.  A wide panel featuring the Shopkeeper, arms outstretched as he describes all the things one could do to not be bored.  He is enticing her.

Hm.  What if I told you I could find a way for you to see anything you want, at anytime you want.  Live in ancient Rome, explore alien planets.  Witness the beginning of the universe or watch it fade away to nothing.  You could be a hero or a villain.  An alpha or an Omega.  You could even be a God!

You - you're him aren't you!

4.  A panel showing the Shopkeeper which is reaching for something behind his back.  The girl is looking up at him, wide eyed and excited.

Where is it?   Where is your TARDIS?

I'm afraid I don't have  TARDIS, my dear.
But I do have this.  It has the ability to take you anywhere and any when.

5.  A panel of the shop keeper handing over an open blank book.  This is from the girl's point of view, so it looks as if The Shopkeeper is handing the blank book to us.

Now, make it bigger on the inside.


  1. This just feels right. I ca't put my finger on it but it just swims in that mood and tone of Doctor Who. Like regaining that child like excitement as an adult.

    Also how could I not love the tardis book meta commentary at play here. It feels like the kinda idea Neil Gaiman would have explored and oh boy Gaiman is never a bad guy to bring to mind with your writing.

  2. I love the fairy tale feel to this. And the weight it carries is appropriate. Bigger on the inside, indeed.


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