Monday, December 2, 2013

The TARDIS - Not Like the Others - Grant McLaughlin

1 - The current Doctor (Matt Smith) and Clara stand inside the TARDIS, looking out its open doors.  The panel perspective is angled so we're looking head on at the two, unable to see what lies outside the TARDIS.  The Doctor looks happy and excited, while Clara looks a bit confused.

DOCTOR: Here we are!

CLARA: Doctor...

2 - Reverse angle.  Now behind the pair, we can see that they are looking out towards an ocean, with ships, seagulls, and the like.  However, the whole thing is flipped 90 degrees (like they're lying on their side).  Clara cocks her head to the side; the Doctor scratches his head, considering.

CLARA: things seem a little more sideways than usual?

DOCTOR: Maybe a teeny bit.

3 - Now outside of the TARDIS proper.  The machine is lying on its side, and the Doctor and Clara are in the process of crawling out of it.

DOCTOR: Let's see what we have here.

4 - Angled from behind the pair again.  The Doctor looks out towards the wide ocean, holding out his sonic screwdriver to take measurements.  Clara looks behind them (and towards the reader).  What she sees brings a mischievous smile to her face and she tries to get the Doctor's attention (perhaps tugging on his sleeve).

DOCTOR: No, this doesn't make any sense at all.

CLARA: Doctor...

5 - One more reverse angle and a major pull back for good measure.  The Doctor and Clara find themselves at an industrial shipping dock, with tons of shipping containers lining the dock behind them (along the lines of this, but more crates).  Of course, between them and the crates is the TARDIS lying on its side.  While we're further away, it should be evident that the Doctor is annoyed and Clara is trying to stifle laughter.

DOCTOR (1): Oh, ha ha.  Very funny.

DOCTOR (2): You're not fooling anyone, you know!


  1. You nailed the voices here. Great work.

  2. Simply brilliant character acting here. They feel like people not just characters, and thats all down to your perfect dialogue choices.

  3. I can hear Murray Gold's comedic music when reading this. Spot-on pacing, tone and dialogue.


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