Monday, January 6, 2014

Batmobile - It's Fine - Grant McLaughlin

1 – Extreme close-up of a bright orange light. It's the Batmobile's engine light, although that isn't obvious from this panel.

ROBIN (off-panel): That doesn't concern you?

2 – Pull back to the cockpit (front seat?) of the Batmobile. The orange engine light is still visible and glowing brightly on the dashboard, but the main focus is Batman driving the car and Robin in the passenger seat. Batman is steely as ever, while Robin is on the defensive from Batman's insistent words. This should be the main panel of the page.

BATMAN (1): Not in the slightest.

BATMAN (2): I built the Batmobile with my own two hands, carefully selecting every piece and component.

BATMAN (3): I know everything there is to know about this car.

BATMAN (4): And I know that that light is wrong.

ROBIN: Oookay...

3 – Insert panel. The Batmobile is stopped on the side of the road, a dense black smoke billowing out from its hood. Batman and Robin stand in front of the vehicle, Batman looking frustrated and annoyed and Robin scratching his head awkwardly and looking off to the side to avoid eye contact. Both their word balloons have images instead of words (this panel could almost be in Dustin Nguyen's chibi style that comes up in Li'l Gotham on occasion).

ROBIN: ...

BATMAN: [a black squiggle of frustration that shares similarities with the cloud emanating from the Batmobile]

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