Monday, January 6, 2014

Batmobile - Out With the Old - Ben Rosenthal

1.  Batman stands in the Batcave with Robin.  This rendition of the Batcave is similar to the Nolan movie version - the tarmac for the Batmobile sits high above a chasm.  They are standing next to the Batmobile, which is completely trashed.

What are we going to do Batman?  It will take weeks for the Batmobile to be fully operational again.

2.  Same as Panel 1, however Batman has taken out a remote and is pushing a button.

sfx: beep.

Who repairs it anyway?  Alfred?  Can Alfred repair cars as well?  I bet it's Alfred.

3.  A large piece of metal has sprung from the side of the Batcave pushing the trashed Batmobile off the tarmac into the deep bottomless chasm.  Robin is shocked and surprised.

4. A new, shiny Batmobile has taken the place of the one that is now out of sight and tumbling towards it's demise.  Robin is looking at Batman in disbelief.


5.  Looking up from the depths of the chasm as Batman and Robin walk away.  There are thousands of Batmobile parts piled up in the chasm.

I'm rich.


  1. As an attempt to answer the 'who repairs the batmobile' question, this is a pretty funny effort.

    Though I do find myself questioning "What does he do when the chasm fills up"? Does he buy a new Batcave, too? :-P


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