Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Batmobile - The Wheelman - Simon McDonald

Establishing shot of the Gotham City Bank. It's night. The street is all but empty; a single, sleek sports car is parked on the opposite side of the road. From this angle we can't see The Wheelman inside the car. (He is not actually there, but that shouldn't be displayed at this stage). The bank alarm is jangling. A robbery has just occurred.
Gotham. Zero Year.
Caption - The Wheelman [1]
There is one certainly in Gotham City.
Caption - The Wheelman [2]
Commit a crime, and he will come for you.

Three ski-masked men burst out from the bank, running for the car. They're carrying bulging duffel bags. A few banknotes flutter in the air as they sprint.

Caption - The Wheelman
Only way to survive in Gotham nowadays is to be fast.

As the robbers reach the car, pulling open the doors, the Batmobile screeches to a halt behind them, headlights on, blinding them. Robber #3 is already in the car, is looking to the drivers seat, which is empty.

Robber #1
Robber #2
Oh God!
Robber #3
Drive, you idi - No!
Caption - The Wheelman
But nothing is as fast as his wheels.

The Batman, ejected from the Batmobile, lands on top of the intended getaway car. Behind him, The Wheelman sneaks into view, making a beeline for the Batmobile.

Caption - The Wheelman
In my line of work, that's a bad thing.
The Wheelman sits in the Batmobile's drivers seat. His eyes are wide, taking in the console, and the array of buttons. It is unlike anything he has ever seen.

Caption - The Wheelman
I need to be the fastest.
The robbers are tied together with Batrope. They are unconscious. The Batman's head is turned, watching the Batmobile speed past him.

Caption - The Wheelman
Now I am.


  1. A few years ago I read The Getaway Man by Andrew Vachss, about a young professional wheelman. This had a similarfeel. I'd read a noirish arc of this character in Gotham. Maybe a Steve McQueen style car chase...
    Bottom line. You leave a lot of space to explore. Tons of possibilities. The mark of a good character. Well done, Simon...

  2. Anyone want to start putting odds on how long it is till this Wheelman starts to regret stealing Batman's car?


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