Monday, January 27, 2014

D4VE - 54GE 4DV1CE - Ben Rosenthal

1.  5COTTY is sitting in his room with various amounts of metal tube surrounding him.  Some are joined together while others lay on the floor.  5COTTY is holding some blueprints in his hand, frustrated as he trie to work out how to put the contraption together.  The door to 5COTTY's room is ajar, with D4VE peeking through.

Damn stupid crap.

2.  D4VE is walking in to the room, seeing an opportunity to bond with his son.

Whatchya got there?  Need a hand?

Privacy man!

3.  Close up of D4VE with the instructions in his hand.  As he is holding them up we can see through the paper what the contraption is - it's a long set of tubes hooked up to a robot head - it's a blow job machine.  He is shocked by what 5COTTY is building.

Is this.......what is this?

Yeah it's an SSB.  You gonna ground me now?

4.  D4VE is looking at the instructions, registering how it works.  He is looking over the details of it, thinking.

5.  D4VE is handing the instructions back to 5COTTY.

Let me have a go when it's done.

Clean it first though.

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