Monday, January 27, 2014

D4VE - Up In Arms - Grant McLaughlin

All word balloons in the imagined scenes would be little images instead of actual dialogue.  Until the final panel, every panel should be framed so that D4VE is in profile and the reader can only ever see the right side of his body.  And if you can have D4VE in a similar positioning from panel to panel, that would be an added bonus.

1 - S4LLY and D4VE are in the kitchen, sitting at the table having their oil and Iron Loops.  S4LLY asks D4VE a question, which causes him to look up at the ceiling in frustration.

S4LLY: I see you haven't been to the shop yet.

D4VE: S4LLY, you know how I feel about the shop.

2 - Switch scene to an imagined waiting room.  There are a few robots sitting and waiting.  D4VE slouches on his chair, his head back in utter boredom.  The receptionist-bot calls out some other robots.

CAPTION (D4VE): They always call all the other robots before me.

RECEPTIONIST-BOT: [image of a robot's head followed by a question mark] [image of a different robot's head followed by a question mark]

3 - Now in an imagined doctor's office, which for robots is actually an individual-sized mechanic's garage.  The doctor robot should be sleek and perhaps on the smaller side to emphasize her newness.  Her clothing is a mixture between a doctor and a mechanic, wearing a stereotypical head mirror and mechanic jumpsuit, for example.  The doctor looks at her tablet for information on D4VE.  For his part, D4VE is sitting on a robot-sized car lift, wearing a hospital gown, once again slouching with his head back in utter boredom.

CAPTION (D4VE): And once I finally get to see someone, it's invariably some know-it-all model whose barely off the shelf they're so new.

DOCTOR: [big exaggerated ellipses]

4 - Still in the imagined doctor's office.  The appointment is over and D4VE and the doctor are shaking hands.  Like the earlier panels, D4VE has his head back in boredom / frustration.

CAPTION (D4VE): Who then proceed to charge me an arm and a leg to tell me what I already know.

DOCTOR: [dollar signs]

5 - Back in the kitchen.  Similar panel to panel 1.  D4VE could actually be looking at S4LLY in this instance (or perhaps at his bowl of Iron Loops).

S4LLY: They also usually fix what's wrong with you.

D4VE: I'm making do.

6 - Same scene, but the angle is switched slightly.  It is now obvious that D4VE's left arm is not attached to his body.  Indeed, it's sitting next to him on the table, detached and in rough shape.  S4LLY looks at him deadpanly; D4VE nonchalantly has a drink of oil.

S4LLY: Your arm's off, D4VE.

D4VE: Yeah, my left arm.


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