Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Penny Arcade – Free to Play – MK Stangeland Jr.

(3 Panels)

Panel 1: GABE is at a computer. Some kind of sound effects should appear to be coming out of it that would be appropriate for LEAGUE OF LEGENDS. TYCHO stands behind him.

TYCHO (1): Is this that ‘League of Legends’ game?

GABE (1): That it is! Now scoot, I need to concentrate!

TYCHO (2): How much have you spent on it?

GABE (2): It’s free to play, Tycho. Which means I don’t have to spend anything!

Panel 2: TYCHO leans in to look closer at the computer screen. GABE looks slightly annoyed by TYCHO’s continued presence, while the SFX continue to come from the computer.

TYCHO (1): Is that a standard skin?

GABE (1): No, this is an unlockable.

TYCHO (2): And you unlock it by?

GABE (2): By buying it.

Panel 3: TYCHO stands back up and has a smug look on his face. GABE looks frustrated as he continues to play. SFX should still be present.

TYCHO (1): How much did you say you’ve spent on it?

GABE (1): $5000.

TYCHO (2): But the game is free…

GABE (2): Shut up before I murder you.


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