Saturday, January 18, 2014

Penny Arcade - Lesser Evils - Brian Manton

Gabe & Tycho sit on the couch. Gabe is fixated on his phone - playing Candy Crush Saga. Tycho watches the game with interest.
Gabe's grandmother stands behind the couch holding a mug of coffee. She looks at them with distasteful confusion.

Gabe: Y'see gran, I use real money to buy Credits which I then use to purchase Boosters which help me beat the level. You used to be able to buy Charms which were more expensive but could be used more than once. They were really good. I miss charms.

Tycho: Lozenge. Orange Lozenge.

Same shot. Tycho points.

Tycho: Lemon Drop.

Same shot.

Gran:  Maybe go back to the hooker killing game?

Tycho: Jelly Bean. Jelly Bean.

1 comment:

  1. Definitely the funniest script of the week. I love Gran's deadpan delivery. Well done.


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