Saturday, January 25, 2014

Samurai Jack - A long time ago in the future... - R. A. Wonsowski

Samurai Jack may be Genndy Tartakovsky's masterpiece, but his Star Wars: Clone Wars microseries is still a personal favourite, especially as it introduced one of my favourite characters...
Asajj Ventriss


9 XX

Panel 1 - VENTRISS appears from a roof access door atop a Japanese skyscraper, lightsabers glowing in her hands at her side.  The futuristic Tokyo skyline is the background. The sky is afire.

Panel 2 - VENTRISS (left) and SAMURAI JACK (right) face each other on the rooftop.  VENTRISS has assumed a battle stance, the roof access behind her, while JACK stands poised, upright, hand on the hilt of his katana as if ready to draw his sword.  His face however, is in a hard Clint-Eastwood-like stare.

Panel 3 - Close-up, the glaring eyes of VENTRISS.

Panel 4 - Close-up, JACK's eyes, hard and piercing.

Panel 5 - VENTRISS, her profile, rose-coloured in the glow of her lightsabers, her teeth bared.

Panel 6 - JACK's profile, his face unchanged.

Panel 7 - VENTRISS adjusts her stance, shifts the positions of her sabers.

Panel 8 - Close-up on JACK's hand on his sword hilt, the blade just peeking out from the scabbard.

Panel 9 - Close-up, VENTRISS's right eye and brow, which is beginning to furrow as a drop of sweat drips down her temple.

Panel 10 - Same POV as Panel 2, as VENTRISS slinks in retreat back down into the roof access, lightsabers still in hand but off.  JACK has not moved, his stare unchanged.

(my inspiration for this page is a quote from the samurai master swordsman, Musashi: "The ultimate aim in mastering the martial arts is to never have to use them.")

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