Saturday, January 25, 2014

Samurai Jack - Sabishii Desu - Brian Manton

Wide panel.
Jack is emerging from an alien looking forest, black tree bark and leaves with cracks and veins of bright pink.
His guide, a cyborg-baboon, points to an ominous mountain in the distance (panel right).

CAP (JACK):  Even in a world so strange

View from behind Jack as he treks up the arduous mountain path.

CAP (JACK):  Perhaps a few days will pass

Side view. You can tell from Jack's stubbled face that days have passed. The pathway has long since given up on its ascent but Jack, though weary, struggles on up the rocky incline, using his sheathed sword for balance.

CAP (JACK):  a week

As Jack hauls himself to the summit we see a bustling trading town at the top of the mountain, seemingly run by bird-creatures. Aliens, monsters, robots and mutants buy and sell their wares.

CAP (JACK):  a month

Close on Jack's face - he has noticed something.

CAP (JACK):  but eventually

A human face in the crowd. A beautiful young woman.

CAP (JACK):  I think I see her face

Jack, small in the panel, looks defeated. The alien landscape of this future stretches in the distance behind him.

CAP (JACK):  and then I remember she's a million years away.

1 comment:

  1. Heartbreaking piece this week, Brian - the broken-up captions really punctuate the shattered emotions of Jack. Well done.


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