Sunday, January 19, 2014

Samurai Jack - So We Wait- Shaun Richens.


Page wide panel. We open in the burning ruins of JACK's home city. The evil shape-shifting wizard AKU stands with his back to us. The black and white swirling rip in time pulsates before him. JACK is flying through the air towards the rip.


Repeat 1.1 The rip in time is closing up. Only a small tear still open, Jacks arm reaches through it. The last piece of our hero slipping away.

And so the great Aku is the victor.

Not so, Aku.

1.3,1.4,1.5 make up a row of three equal sized panels. Each panel shows Aku slowing turning towards us and the voice. His mouth drops and his eyes are getting wider and wider as his gaze turns more towards us.

AKU (Speechbubble covers all three panels):

Page wide panel. Standing in front of a new tear in time is a much older version of JACK. He wears his hair loose and long , it reaches all down his back, his face has a full beard. A golden crown sits atop his head. A dark blue cloak billows all about him, it his held to his tunic by a golden talon clasp. Jack stands sword raised to battle. His face steely calm.


I have waited a lifetime for this moment...

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