Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Samurai Jack – What Hasn’t Been – MK Stangeland Jr.

(6 Panels)

Panel 1: On top of a scenic hillside in ancient Japan. JACK is lying on a blanket, while a woman, MAI (no reference), lies next to him.

MAI: <Is our not simply perfect?>

JACK (1): <No. It is not.>

JACK (2): <There is something wrong. Very wrong.>

Panel 2: MAI sits up with a concerned look on her face. She looks down at JACK.

MAI: <It is not? My dear, what is wrong?>

JACK: <I do not know, but I know that something is very amiss.>

Panel 3: JACK sits up and scoots away from MAI a little.

JACK (1): <Something has felt wrong ever since I first awoke and laid eyes on you.>

MAI (1): <My husband, please…>

JACK (2): <Such as your inability to say my name.>

MAI (2): <Jack, please…>

Panel 4: JACK stands and looks down at MAI.

JACK (1): <That is not it.>

JACK (2): <Tell me, woman, what is the truth here?>

MAI: <This is…>

JACK: <No. None of this is truth. This is all a lie.>

Panel 5: JACK turns around to see the form of AKU towering above him from the distance.

AKU: YOU FOOL! Even when I gift you a life of paradise, you must continue to plague me!?


AKU: You could have a happy ending! Never before have I given this to ANYONE!

Panel 6: JACK pulls his sword out from nowhere – which he can do because this is all inside his head – as the world around him starts to fade, though the effect should be subtle to start with.

JACK (1): This is not a happy ending!

JACK (2): This is a lie!

JACK (3): And to accept it would be to accept defeat and to allow your reign to continue!


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