Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Skinner Sweet – American Vampire Hunter – MK Stangeland Jr.

(7 Panels)

Panel 1: The dark of night in a hotel room. A newspaper sits on top of a nightstand – the headline reads “Major Gold Heist!”

SFX: (From a door opening off-panel) CreEEAAa…

Panel 2: A man – TYRELL HELLER – creeps his way into the room. He’s dressed with a somewhat concealing coat and hand over his standard clothing, and in his hand is what looks like some kind of revolver crossbow. The arrows in the crossbow, notably, have golden arrowheads.

Panel 3: Panel looks up past TYRELL as he stops short. Hiding above him is SKINNER SWEET, who’s ready to pounce.

Panel 4: SKINNER lunges at TYRELL from above. TYRELL shifts and rolls away from him and shoots a couple of arrows which miss their target.

SFX: Thumn! Thumn!

Panel 5: SKINNER lands and prepares to make his second move.

SKINNER: I had a feelin’ you’d show up.

TYRELL: Gotta put my gold to good use.

Panel 6: SKINNER and TYRELL charge at each other.

SKINNER: Should have just spent it!

Panel 7: TYRELL hits SKINNER across the face with a cross hook. He’s a wearing a pair of gold-plated Brass Knuckles.


1 comment:

  1. Damn badass script. Well played-out, making it both creepy and action-packed, and good use of the gold weakness too.


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