Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Batmobile – Wake – Brian Manton

Wide horizontal panel.
The front of the Batmobile, cropped close. Hints of motion blur, but most of the bkg is cropped from frame.

Side view of the Batmobile as it speeds down a Gotham street (right to left). It is night – all browns and greys.
The background is motion blurred but we can still decipher the setting.

Large panel.
Single point perspective shot of the street, high rise apartment blocks either side. The Batmobile is tiny in the distance. Smoke and vapour bend, still disturbed in its wake.

A few people hang out of their windows and stand on their fire escapes looking down the street after the almighty noise. (Reminiscent of the "I'm mad as hell" scene from Network, minus the shouting).

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