Sunday, January 26, 2014

Why D4VE?

D4VE is a series from Monkeybrain Comics, penned by Ryan Ferrier and illustrated by Valentin Ramon, about a former hero who used to fight monsters and aliens while protecting the planet, but having vanquished his enemies, now finds the monotony of everyday life grinding him down, stuck in a soul-sucking desk job as an account manager for the water power-plant, suffering through an epic mid-life crisis.
D4VE is a robot. Who lives on an Earth inhabited solely by robots. Because, seriously now, in the final confrontation between man and machine, flesh and bone loses every time. But with all his battles won, D4V3 is lost, pining over his glory days.
Based on the first two issues, D4VE may get the opportunity to live them. But not without dealing with the mess he’s made of his family and professional life.
Part action/adventure, part comedy, D4V3 is a brilliantly innovative sci-fi comic from two creators you should definitely keep an eye on. Let’s see if the Thoughtballooners can do their robot hero justice! 


  1. HAH! This came at a fortuitous time. I just finished my Thesis defense this week! For Computer Science. heh.
    So, naturally, puns!
    (Sorry, it's terrible)

    Panel 1
    D3NN15 opens the doors to D4VE's office and pops his head in.

    D3NN15: Hello --
    D4VE (OP): Don't say it!
    D3NN15: --World!

    Panel 2
    D4VE facepalms. D3NN15 enters the office. D3NN15 points to behind him, outside D4VE's office, using his right thumb.

    D4VE: What do you want, D3NN15?
    D3NN15: I was just gonna go on a JAVA break with M4RK. Wanna come with?
    D4VE: Sigh. Fine.

    Panel 3
    We are now in a fancy Starbucksy coffee shop, called G05L1NG's Cafe. M4RK, a rusty and outdated model robot who looks like a square version of R2-D2 but with arms and hands, is ordering first. D3NN15 and D4VE stand behind M4Rk. A female employee, tagged M4GG1E, mans the counter.

    CAPTION: Later...

    M4RK: I would like a medium Java, please. Thank you. !@S5%$^@DA#@
    M4GG1E: I'm sorry. What?
    D3NN15: Oh, right. He's not null-terminated. Sorry about that, miss.

    Panel 4
    M4RK walks away holding a receipt. D3NN15 orders next.

    D3NN15: I'll have a medium Java latte with, uhm, vanilla... and caramel.
    M4GG1E: No dual inheritance!
    D3NN15: Alright! Geez. Just the vanilla, then. Hostile drinking environment.
    D4VE: I'll have the same thing.

    Panel 5
    D4VE and D3NN15 sit at the tables drinking their Java while M4RK, being not humanoid, just sort of stands.

    D4VE: So, where does M4RK come from?
    D3NN15: He works at the basement. He seemed cool so I --
    D4VE: We have a basement?
    D3NN15: Uh duh.
    D4VE: Did not know that.
    M4RK: ...I do not get out much. @#$%^&*!

    Panel 6
    D4VE comes home after a long day's work. He open's the door and sees 5COTTY playing videogames.

    CAPTION: Later still...

    D4VE: Ah.
    5COTTY: Whatever.

    1. Hi Arby, good to see you back.

      Some excellent puns in this.

      Hello World and are my faves :D

      Great work DUD3!

    2. Script is funny and smart - the "null-terminated" line was the one that struck me as the most sharp - a well-crafted piece, AR8Y!


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