Saturday, February 1, 2014

D4VE - The Matrix of Binary Delights - Brian Manton

D4VE is dragged by his partner-bot, S4LLY, through the corridors of a high class hotel.

D4VE: It’s just not my format.

S4LLY: Our sex life is BSOD. We’re doing this, D4VE.

They stop outside an ornate double-door. A large jar, filled with USB keys of various size and colour, rests on a side-table by the door. S4LLY drops her USB key, complete with Atari keychain, into the jar.

D4VE: I don’t think I’m the render farm type.

S4LLY: Well there’s no rebooting now.

S4LLY and D4VE enter to a scene that neither of them were prepared for.

It is a full on Robot Orgy - far more intricate and depraved than either of them could have expected. Like a technological version of Hieronymus Bosch’s “The Garden of Earthly Delights”.
A sea of extension cables, adaptor sockets and patch bays. Jump leads and car batteries. Voltmeters. Electromagnets. A-batteries being forced where only AAA’s should fit.
Cans of WD40 litter the floor.

D4VE: [Windows Hourglass]

S4LLY: [Mac Spinning Wheel]

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  1. The punchline is pure awesome. That's the kind of payoff that's funny digitally, but the incongruity of it , say, in the print medium, is absurd enough to get me rolling. Very cool page.


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