Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Donkey Kong – Super Mario Country – MK Stangeland Jr.

The Story Thus Far: A fat man wearing red and a thin man wearing green, both with mustaches, stole DONKEY KONG’s golden bananas and kidnapped DIDDY KONG and DIXIE KONG. DK kidnapped PRINCESS PEACH in turn hoping it would get MARIO and LUIGI to return his bananas. MARIO and LUIGI, not having the golden bananas, first mistakenly went after Bowser before realizing who really kidnapped her.

(7 Panels)

Words present in [ ] when used for a speech bubble are to indicate an small image filling that speech bubble.

Panel 1: DONKEY KONG, CRANKY KONG, MARIO, and LUIGI are all frozen in place as PRINCESS PEACH shouts at them from off panel. They are all in the exact same position they were just a moment ago when their fight was ongoing, except for that their attention is now focused towards PEACH.

CRANKY KONG is on LUIGI’s back and has him in a half-nelson, with a free arm holding his cane over LUIGI’s head from where he’s been repeatedly smacking the plumber upside the head with it.

MARIO is suspended mid-air from a jump attack he was about to hit DONKEY KONG with, while DONKEY KONG just slammed his fists against the ground in an unsuccessful attack against MARIO.


Panel 2: PRINCESS PEACH, who is currently in a bamboo cage that is hanging in the air from the ceiling. She looks one part upset and one part confused.

PRINCESS PEACH (1): [DK’s head]!

PRINCESS PEACH (2): [Golden Banana]?

Panel 3: MARIO is now standing on the ground next to DONKEY KONG. He looks at DONKEY KONG with a determined, unhappy face. DONKEY KONG looks angrily at PRINCESS PEACH (off-panel) and points at MARIO as he explains.

DONKEY KONG (1): [Golden Banana]!

DONKEY KONG (2): [A fat mustached man wearing red and a tall mustached man wearing green.]

DONKEY KONG (3): [The two men from (2) greedily carrying off a pile of Golden Bananas.]

DONKEY KONG (4): [DIDDY KONG and DIXIE KONG in cages with the two men from (2) standing next to them.]

Panel 4: MARIO and LUIGI look at each other. CRANKY KONG is still on LUIGI’s back and is looking down at him.

MARIO & LUIGI: [A fat mustached man wearing red and a tall mustached man wearing green]?!

Panel 5: MARIO and LUIGI both actively try to think about who it could be since neither of them are guilty of what DONKEY KONG is describing.


Panel 6: MARIO and LUIGI both come to the same realization.

MARIO & LUIGI: [Lightbulb]!!!

Panel 7: MARIO and LUIGI stand next to each other in front of PRINCESS PEACH’s cage. CRANKY KONG is no longer on LUIGI’s back and stands next to DONKEY KONG instead.

MARIO: [Wario]!!!

LUIGI: [Waluigi]!!!





  1. The pictographic dialogue really elevates what could have been a mundane story plot into something very entertaining, and actually gives everything a more playful feel to the piece. Clever script all around.

  2. I really dig this script, MK. A really fun story idea executed in an equally brilliant way. It all feels very Paper Mario to me, which is definitely a good thing. Plus, you have some of the most amusing business going on in these panels. Well done!

  3. This whole picture in a speech bubble technique you have employed a fews times is always entertaining and always pulled off perfectly. You keep the panels tight and light. The whole thing just screams fun.



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