Sunday, February 23, 2014

Donkey Kong - When The Time Is Ripe - Grant McLaughlin

1 - Donkey Kong and company are relaxing on one of the many beaches of DK Island.  Donkey is lounging on a lounge chair, sunglasses and tanning sheet equipped (although note he should still be wearing his tie).  Cranky sits on a lawn-chair under a big umbrella to protect him from the sun.  He wears stereotypical beachwear such as sunscreen visible on his nose, one of those wide brimmed hats that I apparently imagine old people wear, and the like.  Candy and Dixie play frisbee near the surf.  If there's room, Funky is surfing out on the water.  I'd say the rest of the gang is also in beachwear, but their regular costumes are pretty beachy as it is.

DONKEY KONG: This is the life.

2 - Donkey Kong flips up his shades, he looks in concern towards Diddy Kong, who is running along the beach towards his companion, looking frazzled and mighty worried.


3 - Donkey Kong sits up on his lounge chair, sunglasses fully removed.  He is worried at the ill news his friend brings.  Diddy leans forward, hands on his knees and out of breath from his mad dash.  The others have stopped what they're doing and look on in matching concern.

DONKEY KONG: What is it, little buddy?

DIDDY KONG: *huff!* It's... *puff!*

4 - Switch scene.  We're outside the cave that functions as Donkey Kong's Banana Hoard.  This is evident from the somewhat pathetic sign standing outside (in the vein of the original) that reads "Kong's Banana Hoard", along with a second, smaller sign that reads "No Kremlins A Loud!".

CAPTION (DIDDY KONG): It's the hoard!

5 - Reaction shots of the various members of the Kong family who have come to see what's what.  While we can't see what they're looking at, it's clear that they're horrified.  Most of the Kongs look towards whatever is off-panel.  Candy looks towards Cranky for guidance, but he seems to be at as much of a loss as everyone else.  Heads are scratched.  Mouths are agape or covered in fear.  That kind of thing.  I think it could also be worthwhile / add to the visual if the Kongs are still wearing their beachwear.

DIXIE KONG: What happened...?


CRANKY KONG: I don't know.

DONKEY KONG: Me neither...

6 - Switch angles.  We're now behind the Kongs who have been looking towards the banana hoard.  All of the bananas are still there, but unlike previous incarnations of the hoard, they are not completely pristine and yellow.  They appear to be aging, with brown spots and bruises visible on many, if not all, of the fruit.

DONKEY KONG (quietly): ...but we gotta find a way to stop this.


  1. Light and fun. Perfect. You capture the tropical sunny environment of the series with easy and add a pinch of extra character in each panel stamping your own mark on the page.

    A page so very easy to enjoy.


  2. And that's how the Kong Krew learned about expiration dates...


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