Monday, February 3, 2014

Red Hulk - But how? - Ben Rosenthal

All panels are framed the same - A side on view with AMAZING Spidey on the left of the panel and Rulk on the right.  They show each from the neck up.  

1.   Spider-Man is facing Rulk.  Rulk has a stern look on his face.  Spidey is looking inquisitive.

2.  Spidey is closer to Rulk, looking closely at his nose.

3.  Spidey is hanging down in front of Rulk's face, getting a closer look at his face.  From the angle it appears that Spidey is on Rulk's head.

4.  Spidey is now below Rulk's face, looking up his nose.

5.  Spidey is back to facing Rulk, very close to how the first panel looks.

So where does the moustache go?


  1. HA!!

    The QUESTION of the AGES!! Especially, as Magnum, Ron Swanson, and Mo-vember prove, MOUSTACHES = AWESOME!!!

    Nice play-up using Spidey as comedic foil. Well played, Mr.Rosenthal.


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