Monday, February 3, 2014

Red Hulk - Punishing - Grant McLaughlin

This takes place in the secret underground base the Thunderbolts currently have.  Let's go with a fixed angle for the panels.

1 - The main planning area of the Thunderbolts HQ - the one with the big table.  Deadpool sits alone, a picnic basket in front of him on the table.  He's placed a stereotypical red checkered table cloth on the table and has a loud napkin wrapped around his neck as a bib.  General Ross walks by, visible through a doorway in the background, confused by what he sees going on in the room.


2 - General Ross is entering the room.  He's still confused, but he looks more annoyed than anything.  Deadpool is taking some plates and food out of the picnic basket.

ROSS: What are you doing?

3 - Deadpool has a big sandwich in his hand and holds it as if ready to take a bit bite out of it.  Genreal Ross now stands before him next to the table, a slight frown on his face.

DEADPOOL: What does it look like?  I'm enjoying a loverly pic-a-nic basket.

4 - Deadpool has taken a bit out of the sandwich and is visibly chewing on it - for a little visual gag, Deadpool's mask should remain on in every panel.  General Ross continues to interrogate the strange mecercenary, showing his displeasure with his face and body language.

ROSS (1): I can see that.  Why are you doing that?

ROSS (2): Particularly considering everyone should be prepping for the upcoming mission.

5 - Deadpool has nearly finished the sandwich and is now holding a beer that he is about to take a swig from.  General Ross stands at attention, listening to Deadpool's answer.

DEADPOOL: You said to pack light.

6 - Deadpool chugs down the beer, the sandwich finished.  General Ross' position has not changed.

DEADPOOL: And only to bring the bear necessities.

7 - Deadpool looks towards General Ross, happy anticipation evident on his face, despite the mask - he's pretty proud of himself.  He might even have his arms out in a body-wide jazz hands pose.  General Ross is nearly unmoving, perhaps a slight furrowed brow of annoyance.


8 - Deadpool holds the same position.  General Ross has given up on the conversation and has turned around to march out of the room.

ROSS: Just get your things ready.  We dust off in five.

9 - General Ross is mostly out of the room - perhaps part of his back a leg are visibly through the door he exists from.  Deadpool stands up indignantly, perhaps knocking over his chair or some of the picnic.

DEADPOOL: Oh, come on!  Both of those references are nearly old enough for someone your age to be able to catch!

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  1. Wow, that was really damn funny (and scary - I feel old now). Seriously, you not only have Deadpool down, but you make the banter between him and Ross both natural and seriously well timed. 'pool's mannerisms are just the icing on the cake. Very cool script, Grant.


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