Saturday, March 1, 2014

Donkey Kong - Dissent in the Ranks - Brian Manton

Full page splash

Wide cityscape.

Towering above the highest skyscrapers stands a titanic PS4, gleaming in the light.

Atop this monolith - Donkey Kong.

He holds a Nintendo 3DS in one hand. With his other arm he flings a Wii remote at:

The Mario Bros. circle in biplanes, firing mushrooms from twin cannons.

CAP: Donkey Kong stages a protest against Nintendo's refusal to develop games for other platforms.

CAP: Ever the company men, the Mario Bros. are on P.R. damage control.


  1. Haha, I was not expecting commentary on Nintendo's business practices from this week's crop of scripts, and yet here we are. The King Kong - Donkey Kong connection is a well-known one, but I like how you use it here. You make good use of various Nintendo iconography to spice it up and add to the overall thrust of your script.

    My one piece of constructive criticism is that the caption boxes feel a little lowkey considering what's going on in the splash. I feel that upping the excitement or emotion there would improve the piece as a whole.

  2. This has about a dozen layers to it and each one works. This is such a wonderful mesh of ideas and the fact you make it all work in just one page is testament to you sir.

    That company man line is gold and hits the nail on the head.



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