Monday, March 17, 2014

Godland - Casting a Wide Net - Grant McLaughlin

1 - In a scene similar to that of issue #2 where Basil Cronus hooks up to Maxim to get high off his blood, Basil is sitting on his "throne", a tube connected to his head jar.  The tube is filled with a rainbow substance, which is starting to colour the water his skull floats in (although we can't see what it's hooked up to).  Two minions stand on either side of his chair.  Also, let's have his word balloons be all bendy with colourful borders (also similar to that scene).

CRONUS (1): Ohhhhh yeah...

CRONUS (2): This is unreal!

2 - The rainbow mixture continues to rise in his headjar.  Basil's skull starts to rotate upside down, his robot body puts a hand to his headjar, as if trying to steady himself.

CRONUS: It's the deepest insights mixed with the most foolish inanities.

3 - The headjar is completely filled with rainbow substance, with more continuing to come through the tube.  Basil's skull rotates to look behind him and away from the reader.

CRONUS: Not to mention some of the basest depravities I could ever dare to imagine.

4 - Pull out a bit - Basil is hooked directly into the a computer, which is hooked into the internet.  He leans forward, firmly gripping the throne handgrips.  Some black liquid is coming through the pipe, although it hasn't reached Basil's headjar yet.

CRONUS: I seriously should have tried toking right off the internet long before now!

5 - The black has hit the headjar, filling it with a dark, murky substance.  Basil starts panicking, clawing at the pipe connecting to his headjar to try to dislodge it.  His minions (who have been standing calmly in the background) start freaking out, one moving to help take out the pipe and the other heading towards the computer.  Have Basil's word balloons lose their bendyness and perhaps go dark to reflect the substance.

CRONUS: Oh crap, I'm getting a troll!  CTRL-Z!  CTRL-Z!

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  1. Don't take the brown ones...
    Seriously, nice play with the psychedelia - despite imagining this in Scioli's Kirbyesque style, I also imagine this page done by Mignola or Ryan Sook.
    You give an artista a lot to play with, and I like that you let the letterer feed in to give him something to play with. Very cool, Grant.


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